Bringing AU Movie Festival to a perfect ending!

More than 2000 students in the campus film tour! The Office of Student Affairs will hold AU Movie Festival in every September. What’s different for this year is that the office collaborates with Movie Chunghwa Picture Tubes. In the tour activity, it had brought more than 2000 students come and enjoy the film tour of A Fool In LOVE ,Love Like A Fool.

Asia University 108-1 Service and Learning-Lecture Course Schedule

Course Regulations for Service and Learning Lecture: 1. Please come to the lecture room with our student ID or any ID has your full-name and photo on it. Sign up time will start at 30 minutes before the lecture begin. To sign by proxy is forbidden. 2. If you are being late for over 10 minutes, you will be failed on this course. 3. Lecture Course Structure: a. Lecture (I) will be 3 hours’ visual course and 6 hours’ digital course. Once you receive the certificate, you will be able to pass the course. b. Lecture (II) will be 12 hours’ visual course. After finishing the course, you will receive a Lecture (II) certificate and a volunteer recorder.

Application for 107-2 Service and Learning Practice of Off-campus Service

I. For giving students more options to accomplish Service and Learning Practice, students could come to Extracurricular Activities and Service Learning Section to apply for Off-campus Service within a week after the new semester start. II. Regulations for Off-campus Service:

Asia Great Voice – Karaoke Singing Competition

The Office of Student Affairs had hold the First Asia Great Voice. As to the Dean of Student Affairs, Mr. Zhang (Zhang Shao-Liang) had indicate that singing is one of the way to break down the boundary of border.

The Volunteer Praising Event of Service Learning in Asia University

As the Vice President of Asia University, Mrs. Ke (Ke Hui Zhen) had point out that the motivation of service could help students to enhance their learning effects, therefore; the connection of service and learning is inseparable.

The Interdependent Bank from Office of Student Affairs (OSA) started to implement community care and service!

The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) established an “Interdependent Bank” to implement community care and service that they went to Wun Shan Elementary School and Rainbow Village.

Office of Student Affairs:Asia Great Voice- Sing for Donation!

Office of Student Affairs is holding “Asia Great Voice- Sing for Donation” at the AU bus stop. Up to now, there were at least 400 students come and join this charity activity.

AU Goodwill Ambassadors Club Receiving VIP Guest in Taichung World Flora Exposition!

There are 67 goodwill ambassadors of Asia University will all join in the Taichung World Flora Exposition. To be as the ambassador of VIP lounge, they will be in charge of receiving VIP guest and protocol.

Retaking Application of Service and Learning – Practice (Ⅱ)

The retaking application of service and learning – Practice (Ⅱ) starts from now on! From now on until 2018/11/23 (Fri.), our section starts to receive retaking application. Student who is willing to retake the course of Service and Learning – Practice (Ⅱ), please come to our section (A118) to ask for the application form before the deadline of the application.