112-2 Service and Learning (2)-Class A Course Announcement

  • 2024-03-13
  • Chiao

Tuitional class announcements

  1. Sign-in is open 30 minutes before the start of each class (17:30~18:00). Students are required to show the student ID card or ID with a photo before they can sign in(If you get the allograph, it will be regarded as not arriving). Who lates for 10 minutes is deemed as unfinished training, and seats will be opened to on-site replacement students.

  2. Eating and drinking are prohibited in the A101 International Convention Center. Please do not bring food into the venue. If found by the staff, it will be taken out directly.

  3. Lecture (2) Class Hours: Lecture (2) is 12 hours on-site, and you can pass the special training certificate. If you have a voluntary service record book but complete the lecture (2), you can bring the voluntary service record book to our group received hours strips after finishing training.

    • You need to sign in before the on-site class. Failure to arrive, being late, or leaving the classroom for more than 10 minutes without reason etc. is regarded as incomplete training, and the result will be represented by "F" (failure).

  4. If you need to go to the toilet during class time or other emergencies, please go to the sign-in counter to fill out the special needs form, please return to the classroom within ten minutes, press the ID card, and get it back when you come back.

    • If the staff finds that they are wandering outside, pressing the line to enter the venue and repeatedly refusing to listen, they will register and shorten the time when they leave the venue next time.

    • If you leave the class many times without special reasons, it will be regarded as not having completed the full hours, and the grade will be represented by "F" (failure). Please do not take chances.

  5. In order to fulfill the responsibility of learning, the staff will take roll call from time to time during the course. In order to protect the rights of students, please sit according to the number following to the seating chart.If you find that you are not seated according to the number, it will be regarded as an incomplete training result and will be represented by "F" (failure).

  6. Do not doze off, use 3C products, make noise etc. during class time. If there is any relevant situation and the staff reminds you, if you fail to improve, you will be registered three times.Grades are marked with "F" (failure), please remind each other.

  7. For Lecture (2) Class A, please submit a copy of the basic training certificate when you sign in (17:30~18:00) in the first class (03/14) (Teaching at Taipei e-University, black and white, full page), and indicate in the upper left corner of the certificate: special A, seat number (notified when you sign in on the day), department, student number, and name.

  8. Seat replacement information:number plates will be extended 30 minutes before class (17:30~18:00), and the following materials must be prepared. If you do not prepare all the materials or the class is interrupted, no seat replacement will be accepted.

    • You need to prepare your student ID card, class schedule (just show the student information system, screenshots and prints are not accepted), lecture(1) results (just show the student information system, if the course is taken in the current semester, the staff will check whether it is passed), basic training 1 point for a photocopy of the certificate (black and white is acceptable).

    • Seat replacement does not guarantee a seat. Students who want to fill up their seats should queue up at the scene as soon as possible.

  9. Change of shift or withdrawal:

    • Students need to ask for leave due to irresistible factors (for example: bereavement leave), please submit the certificate to the Extracurricular Services Group within 7 days after the course (excluding national holidays).

  10. Print the basic education and training process of volunteers in detail as an attachment.