Arts Club

  • 3D Printing Club

    3D Printing Club
    Club Objective: The 3D Printing Club welcomes all students interested in 3D printing to join. Club activities include technical introductions to 3D printing, operating 3D printers, and topic-oriented applications of 3D printing. The club sessions are conducted in a peer learning format, and no prior experience is required to participate.
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  • ACG Study Club

    ACG Study Club
    Club Objective: The club aims to facilitate exchange and learning about ACG-related topics. Members actively interact through a series of activities. In one sentence, the current status of the club can be summarized as, "It feels like everyone is the future pillar of a popcorn chicken stand."
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  • AI Artificial Intelligence Research Society

    AI Artificial Intelligence Research Society
    Club Objective: Learning together.
  • Japanese Language Club

    Japanese Language Club
    Club Objective: To study Japanese, develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, and provide students with the opportunity to learn a second foreign language.
  • Bermuda Magic Club

    Bermuda Magic Club
    Club Objective: To spread joy and love, use magic to bring smiles to Asia University, and fulfill our mission as Bermuda! Bermuda forever!
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  • Buddhist Studies Society

    Buddhist Studies Society
    Club's Purpose: The purpose of our club is to explore the fundamentals of Buddhist studies. Through diverse courses and activities, we aim to facilitate interactive learning experiences in the pursuit of life exploration, thereby enhancing skills in applying Buddhist principles to daily life. We seek to nurture gratitude and compassion, develop emotional management skills for spiritual growth, and practice how to confront and resolve life's challenges. Our goal is to help students gain wisdom through the study of Buddhism, cultivate correct thinking and rational habits, and boost self-confidence, stress resilience, and interpersonal skills.
  • Coffee Study Club

    Coffee Study Club
    Club Objective: To gain knowledge about coffee, experience various brewing methods using different equipment, and practice latte art.
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  • Vanilla Garden Bakery Club

    Vanilla Garden Bakery Club
    Club Objective: To enjoy the process of making desserts and acquire artisanal knowledge from it.
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  • Board Game Club

    Board Game Club
    Club Objective: We have club meetings on Wednesday and Friday evenings with over 100 tabletop games to choose from. We also organize various activities and competitions periodically, aiming for everyone to enjoy games, have fun, and make new friends in the club. If you have any questions, feel free to join the group and ask!
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  • News and Reporting Club

    News and Reporting Club
    Club Objective: The club's classes involve news writing, with teachers sharing their experiences. There are group simulations of interviews, and we are in the process of participating in the production of the school's monthly magazine.
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  • Korean Language Club

    Korean Language Club
    Club Objective: With the current global popularity of the Korean Wave, the value of the Korean market is undeniable. Learning an additional language adds to one's competitiveness. In addition to learning the Korean language, the club also organizes social events to experience Korean culture and gain an international perspective through various experiences.
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  • Photography Club

    Photography Club
    Club Objective: To capture the beauty of life through a second lens.
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  • Drama Club

    Drama Club
    Club Objective: We met through drama, and we welcome you to join us in our theatrical journey! Let's create, play, and explore art together. Currently, we have weekly club meetings, and each semester, we arrange a diverse range of activities, including acting, directing, playwriting, and theater fundamentals.
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  • Sports Safety Club

    Sports Safety Club
    Club Objective: The club's purpose is to promote the importance of sports protection and enhance self-sport protection capabilities. Furthermore, we aim to help athletes reduce sports injuries.
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  • Leadership Club

    Leadership Club