Comprehensive Club

  • Fun Talk Service Club

    Fun Talk Service Club
    Club Objective: It's not an English conversation club! It's experiential education! Experiential education is essentially learning through playing games. For example, we will use games, group discussions, and sharing to promote self-awareness and improve communication skills.
  • Out Expert Clun

    Out Expert Clun
    Club Objective: Even if we're not elite and just regular individuals without special talents, we can still measure this society. In the club, students can share their opinions, listen to different perspectives, and aren't forced to adopt the majority's values. We respect each person's stance.
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  • Indigenous People Club

    Indigenous People Club
    Club Objective: Our goal is to showcase the unique features and traditional cultures of various ethnic groups. We aim to bring together indigenous peoples from Asia University to explore indigenous cultures and reconnect with their roots. Within the club, we provide diverse ethnic exchange activities and traditional indigenous cultural teachings.
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  • Health Fellowship

    Health Fellowship
    Club Objective: To get to know Christianity better as a group, engage in Bible study, go on outings, and participate in activities like short talks and short-term mission work together.
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  • Morning Star Club

    Morning Star Club
    Club Objective: During lunch hours, students engage in mutual exchange, exploring the meaning of life and existential value as revealed in the Bible. Through discussions and mutual encouragement among students and teachers, the club aims to help students find their life goals and direction.
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  • Xian Chin Club

    Xian Chin Club
    Club Objective:1.Promote Vegetarianism: We aim to provide everyone with the opportunity to try delicious vegetarian dishes, with the hope that they will develop a liking for vegetarian food.2.Learning and Growth: We welcome exploration through a variety of exciting club activities and service projects.3.Companionship and Teamwork: Creating a sense of home and belonging.
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