Service Club

  • ASIA Animal Protection Club              

    ASIA Animal Protection Club

    Club Objective: To promote peaceful coexistence between stray animals on campus and residents, students, and the school administration, serving as a bridge for communication and understanding among all parties. Additionally, we aim to promote life education through animal care and related activities, such as adoption and advocacy, and are committed to advocating for a more animal-friendly environment.

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  • Echo Volunteer Club

    Echo Volunteer Club

    Introduction to the organization: "ECHO" combines Chinese and English, symbolizing "echo" and "resonance," emphasizing education, culture, hope, and optimism.

    "ECHO" stands for "Education," "Culture," "Hopeful," and "Optimistic." Education is the key, culture conveys values, hope is the driving force, and optimism is the attitude to overcome challenges.

    The volunteer team strives for the maximum potential of each individual, like the "echo" of "ECHO," where each contribution can spark change in society. They believe that everyone is a seed of social change, and through proper education, cultural nourishment, hope, and optimism, ideals can sprout, leading to positive change.

    "ECHO" is not just a word; it is an ideology that encourages the collective pursuit of a better world, the realization of individual potential, and the creation of a lasting impact. It is about the power to inspire potential, influence society, and merge ideas from different cultures. It encourages the pursuit of knowledge and the promotion of positive change in the context of hope and optimism.

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  • Sunshine Volunteer Club

    Sunshine Volunteer Club
    Club Objective: This club is a student organization dedicated to volunteer service with the goal of nurturing poised and courteous hospitality personnel. It undertakes various services related to on-campus and off-campus celebrations, opening ceremonies, ribbon-cutting receptions, and more to showcase modern youth-friendly etiquette.

  • Town.Service Club

    Town.Service Club
    Club Objective: Our mission is to accompany and support the growth of children in local, remote, and island communities. Learning to love, care, and serve is the core purpose of our club. Every year, our club organizes camps in Lan Yu (Orchid Island) and primary schools in Taichung. If you are also interested in child services, you are welcome to join us!
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  • Club Club
    Club Objective: With the motto of joyful service and the goal of gaining practical experience, we participate in various activities and volunteer services to experience the emotions involved and acquire rich experiences.
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  • Legal Speech Club

    Legal Speech Club
    Organization Introduction: As the name suggests, the Law Society aims to use law to help its members, fellow students at the school, and the general public understand the application of the law. We encourage everyone to understand how practical cases are resolved. During our club meetings, we discuss legal issues with our members and engage in discussions with our course instructors about the latest practical insights and precedents.

    In addition, our instructors collaborate with law firms during club meetings to allow us to participate in legal services, giving us a close-up look at how lawyers solve legal problems for the public. Lawyers also dedicate time to teach us how to learn about the law, helping us gain a deeper understanding of legal knowledge.
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  • Law Service Club

    Law Service Club
    Organization Introduction: Learning about the law extends beyond textbooks and classrooms; it can be reinforced and enriched through legal services, providing practical experience and spreading the spirit of the rule of law to various corners of society, helping those in need of legal assistance.

    Our organization offers diverse courses, allowing members to easily grasp legal concepts. We collaborate with various government agencies and non-governmental organizations, enabling students to enhance their legal expertise and professionalism through a diverse range of learning, service, and educational activities.
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  • International Volunteer Club

    International Volunteer Club
    Club Objective: To provide opportunities for international and inter-school exchanges and encourage participation in volunteer service activities.
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  • Chung De Young Volunteer Club

    Chung De Young Volunteer Club
    Club Objective: Our main objective is to promote well-rounded development in all aspects, foster harmonious interpersonal relationships, unlock potential, and encourage the transition to adulthood. We aim to embody a spirit of service in our lives and focus on engaging in activities that involve primary and secondary schools, community service, campus lectures, and collaborating in inter-school events.
  • New Inhabitant Volunteer Club

    New Inhabitant Volunteer Club
    Club Objective: Every Thursday from 19:30 to 21:00 is designated as the club time. The club is divided into two groups: an adult group and a children's group. The adult group teaches new immigrants language and meaning, while the children's group assists the children of new immigrants in completing their homework and engages in various activities such as chores and recreational activities with them.
  • Green Kang Fu Club

    Green Kang Fu Club
    Club Objective: "綠油油" is the cradle for developing event leaders and experts in camp activities. Through the process of organizing events, you can gain valuable experience and skills while also forming bonds with a group of friends who share the same passions and values, broadening your horizons while having fun.
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  • Community Development Club

    Community Development Club

    Organization Introduction: The Community Development Society, as a thriving university organization, is committed to promoting positive societal transformation and community prosperity. Our mission is to bridge academic knowledge and practical action to address various challenges faced by today's society and the environment. Our society provides a diverse platform that encourages students to engage in community development projects, volunteer service, and sustainability advocacy. Through workshops, seminars, and community activities, we aim to raise awareness of community development issues and inspire students to be part of social change.

    Furthermore, we have established partnerships and collaborate with local community organizations to actively participate in and support community development projects. This not only provides students with practical experience but also enables them to give back to society and promote the sustainable development of communities.

    We warmly invite all students interested in community development and social contributions to join our organization, where we can explore, learn, and bring about change together. We believe that through collective efforts, we can build a fairer and more prosperous society.