Sports Club

  • Belly Dance Club

    Belly Dance Club

    Club Objective: Through promotion, we aim to convey the passion and vitality of belly dancing and promote its strength and beauty. Middle Eastern belly dance offers a diverse range of performance styles that can invigorate muscles and promote physical health during the dancing process. We regularly schedule club meetings for practice to foster teamwork and occasionally perform together.

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  • Airsoft Club

    Airsoft Club

    Club Objective: The club aims to learn the skills of unity and cooperation in survival games to enhance survival abilities. It also seeks to develop the physical fitness of university students. Currently, the club provides instruction in basic movements and practice shooting, occasionally training team cohesion and conducting squad drills.

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  • Aikido Club

    Aikido Club

    Club Objective: Aikido is a Japanese martial art. Time: Every Wednesday from 18:30 to 20:30. Location: Second-floor martial arts room in the gymnasium.

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  • Aerobic Knockout Club

    Aerobic Knockout Club

    Club Objective: The aim is to achieve fitness and fat reduction through Muay Thai and boxing.

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  •  Badminton Club

    Badminton Club

    Club Objective: The club aims to improve and enhance students' physical and mental health through ball skills. Regularly, there are instructors who provide guidance to improve skills, and during club activities, members can engage in friendly competitions and participate in events like the Freshman Cup and doubles matches.

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  • Ballroom Dance Club

    Ballroom Dance Club

    Club Objective: Actively participate in on-campus activities and achieve the goals outlined in our midterm plan to increase the club's visibility both within the university and externally. By participating in performances at university and external events, we aim to introduce different students to the world of ballroom dance and help them gain a deeper understanding of Asia University International Standard Dance Club.

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  • Baseball Club

    Baseball Club

    Club Objective: Our club was founded on the principles of punctuality, respect, courtesy, and friendliness. We aim to participate in the National College Cup and hope to achieve success through relentless training and dedication. Our goal is not only to bring honor to ourselves but also to bring recognition and resources to Asia University.

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  • Black Bubu Dance Crew

    Black Bubu Dance Crew

    Club Objective: Hello, everyone! We are the "Black Bubbles Dance Club." We welcome anyone who is interested in dancing to join us. Even if you've never learned to dance before, you're welcome to participate. Come and join us!

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  • Yoga Club

    Yoga Club

    Club Objective: We offer a basic yoga class led by professional yoga instructors. The class is held once a week and involves hands-on instruction in various yoga poses. We maintain a small class size with only 20-25 students, and whether you're a complete beginner or have some experience, all are welcome to join. Our classes are open to students of all genders!

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  • E-sport Club

    E-sport Club

    Club Objective: E-sports competition training, friendly communication, and the promotion of e-sports.

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  • Tennis Club

    Tennis Club

    Club Objective: To promote national sports and advocate the sport of tennis, consistently established with members dedicated to tennis with unwavering passion, offering excellent coaching and a conducive environment.

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  • Kendo Club

    Kendo Club

    Club Objective: The Kendo Club primarily aims to promote physical fitness and test one's patience. During regular meetings, members practice basic movements. Once they reach a certain level, the coach teaches practical combat techniques.

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  • Scuba Diving Club

    Scuba Diving Club

    Club Objective: To acquire knowledge about marine life, with activities each semester that provide the opportunity to practice in marine environments.

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  • Buttoujutsu Club

    Buttoujutsu Club

    Club Objective: We practice "Iaido," with a primary focus on mental and physical training, including learning cutting techniques with a sword. The training primarily consists of individual practice. Each semester, we start by teaching the fundamentals of the "Twelve Iaido Forms."

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  • Competitive Cheerleading

    Competitive Cheerleading

    Club Objective: Competitive cheerleading is a sport that involves cheers, skills, pyramids, jumps, flips, tosses, and dance. It combines individual expertise with teamwork. Our club practices every Monday and Thursday from 18:30 to 21:30 at the Roman Gymnasium stage.

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  • Competitive Billiard Club

    Competitive Billiard Club

    Club Objective: Our club aims to improve our billiards skills. We hire a coach to help us refine our skills. We meet every Monday and Wednesday in the billiards room, and it's a great place to find like-minded individuals to practice with.

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  • Taekwando Club

    Taekwando Club

    Club Mission: Hello, everyone! 👋 We are the Taekwondo Club!

    In each class, we have coaches to provide guidance and instruction. The course content is primarily divided into physical training and Taekwondo. We begin with warm-up exercises, stretching, and core training. After that, we move on to learning Taekwondo kicks and defense techniques, with the assistance of kicking targets. The coach will guide everyone step by step in practicing forms, and you can also participate in sparring.

    Furthermore, our club actively participates in various Taekwondo competitions, friendly matches, and exciting events waiting for you to join! 🤩

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