Recreation Club

  • D-Tone Guitar Club

    D-Tone Guitar Club

    Club Objective: The club's goal is to offer weekly classes on Tuesdays. In the beginner class, students will learn the basics of playing the guitar, and then progress to learning song techniques. The advanced class will involve hiring external instructors to provide guidance. The curriculum includes rhythm training, music theory, and advanced guitar playing. Students who are interested in the guitar are welcome to attend and participate.

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  • Shang Ying Percussion

    Shang Ying Percussion

    Club Objective: We are a group of enthusiasts who share a passion for percussion. Our club primarily focuses on jazz drums and cajón drum performances.

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  • Asia singing Club

    Asia singing Club

    Club Objective: We aim to provide those who love singing and want to learn vocal techniques with the opportunity to progress and grow in their singing abilities under the guidance of our teachers and through participation in various club activities and performances.

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  • Orchestra Club

    Orchestra Club

    Club Objective: To provide a platform for people who love music and have an interest in wind instruments to engage in joyful exchange and learning.

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  • Asia Rap DJ Club

    Asia Rap DJ Club

    Club Objective: This is the Hip-Hop Culture Research Club, where we write lyrics, perform songs, attempt composition and mixing, create graffiti art. The club is mainly divided into a Rap Department, DJ Department, and Graffiti Department. Whether you want to create your own music or perform on stage, we warmly welcome your participation!

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  • Rock Club

    Rock Club

    Club Objective: Our club aims to enhance the culture of listening to popular music throughout the school and cultivate our members' abilities to appreciate popular music and play musical instruments.

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