Application for 107-2 Service and Learning Practice of Off-campus Service

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Asia University 108-1 Service and Learning-Lecture Course Schedule

I. For giving students more options to accomplish Service and Learning Practice, students could come to Extracurricular Activities and Service Learning Section to apply for Off-campus Service within a week after the new semester start.
II. Regulations for Off-campus Service:
1. Qualification: Students who has selected the course in 107-2 Semester, including 107 freshmen and students who have applied for retake the course.
2. Service Organization: Any section or organization that is legally filing by the government and it has provided volunteer positions. Also, the off-campus service section or organization needs to be identify by the EASLS.
3. Application Period: From now on until 2019/02/22.
4. 107-2 Service Implement Period: From 2019/02/25 to 2019/05/31.
5. Documents: Application form for Off-campus Service, including Parents’ Agreement and Cooperative Agreement.
III. Grading for Service and Learning Practice: Students have to hand in the documents mentioned down below before 2019/06/07. After being check by our office and we will upload the grade.
1. Hard Copies: Off-campus Service Learning Hours Certification (at least 30 hours in total.) and Off-campus Service Learning Questionnaire
2. Soft Copies: Off-campus Service Learning Feedback Report with at least 4 photos.
IV. The off-campus service learning hours can not be identified as volunteer service hours or department intern hour’s requirement.
V. Student who apply for the off-campus service has been found that there is any illegal behavior or ask others to finish the service, and our section has been verified. The student will be fail on this course and has to retake the course, and will be strict by our University due to Student Merit and Penalty Regulations.
VI. Student who hand in the document for off-campus service learning has been found that the documents are false or misleading presentations or symbol. The student will be strict by our University due to Student Merit and Penalty Regulations and retake the .
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