About service learning

What is service learning?

According to the literature, the term “service learning” was first proposed by the Southern Regional Educational Board in 1967. After the promotion and development of schools at all levels in the United States, many explanations and methods are extended. In our country, the definition of service learning is widely accepted by “Start from the combination of schools and the communities, and help students apply the knowledge to serve others. Moreover, they can learn and growth continuously in the process of service. Consequently, service and learning is the part of school education.” (Sheng Yi Lin, 2008)

Why does the service learning?

“Service-Learning” is a course that combines “service” with “learning” to each other. In the self-reflection process of planned social service activities and structured design, the students can use the knowledge from the classroom to contribute to the communities. At the same time, they can get the inspiration and introspection from the process of service, and learn the knowledge and experience which cannot be learned from the classroom. Both of service and learning have certain extent of balance in the course. It is a learning experience of “Learning by doing” and emphasizes service is as important as learning goal. For all of people of servicing others and being serviced can strengthen their goals to achieve the effect of “reciprocity”.